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A great way to transform the interior spaces of your home is by sprucing up the furniture in it. It is also a relatively cost-effective alternative to remodeling and renovation work. Make your upholstered pieces work within the context of your home by using our domestic upholstery services. Our domestic upholstery work is completely custom. You can choose the fabrics, patterns, and colors you want and trust that we will do a masterful job of applying them. Learn about what makes our services so popular:

• Convenience—Of all the upholstery repair shops in Kensington, MD, ours offers the most convenient service. We can deliver large pieces when they are done, and we always get our projects completed in a timely manner.

• Upholstery Restoration—We have helped hundreds of our customers extend the life of their most valued furniture pieces with our custom upholstery restoration services. From reupholstery work to reinforcing rickety pieces, we can make your oldest pieces like new again.

• Great Prices—Aside from our professional work, what keeps our customers coming back to us here at Jose Upholstery are the great prices we offer to our clients for a host of upholstery services. You do not have to pay through the nose for domestic upholstery services when you work with us.

Our team has the skill and professional set of tools to complete any furniture restoration project with stunning results. You will not believe that your pieces are the same ones you brought into our shop after we are done with them.

For the most amazing domestic upholstery in Kensington, MD, make sure you work with us!

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